Lucas and the Tree

Christmas 2010


It had been three years since our traditional tree graced our living room with its array of hand-made, totally unique ornaments. Three years ago I displayed it at a Dickens Christmas Party we held at a rental space and one time hanging all those ornaments was enough. Two years ago we planned a holiday week at the beach and a small portable tree was in order for the house. My excuse last year was that Lucas was two and might break a precious ornaments so I decorated with store-bought, “if they break who cares” ornaments. I was surprised at the response to my choice by my adult children. It began with Rebecca.


Hey Mom where are all the ornaments you usually put up?

Oh, I thought you’d put up the big tree with all the family ornaments,

her brother chimed in.

Those comments haunted me as I prepared for Christmas this year, mostly for the disappointment in their voices. Out of sheer guilt I went back to utilizing the family tree. Truth is, that tree takes an enormous amount of work to get out and later put away. Every ornament is individually wrapped and often boxed. Some are made by our family, others expensive artist creations in glass or other delicate materials. Many commemorate pets or events. There must be over one hundred of them.


Dutifully, but without much joy, I began by hiring a neighbor to help me. We spent most of a day carrying living room items down to the basement and then bringing up decorations for the tree or the rest of the house. Up, down, up, down. The following day I tackled the tree by myself. Hanging ornament alone took two hours. The following day the kids, their spouses, and our only grandchild, age 3 ½, arrived. Lucas calls me Sadie.


Sadie, your tree is all decorated!

And you have lots of things.

For three days Lucas took time from his playing and family activities to admire the Christmas tree. He never broke a thing. All he wanted to do was to hold a treasured ornament in his hand and admiringly stare at the object of beauty.


Sadie, you have a rabbit and a dog on your tree. Look a star and a angel.

What’s that Sadie? I like the birdie.

Our daughter-in-law confessed they had not had put up their tree and weren’t sure when they would squeeze out the time what with both of them working. For Lucas this was the first “big tree of Christmas.” It took the innocent reaction of a child to return a special joy to my life. Like Lucas I am enjoying the tree. Locating it requiring moving my favorite “reading chair.” Fortunately the chair is now across from the tree where I can sit and enjoy the beauty of this lovely Christmas tree.

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